How It Works

Kitchen and Bedroom Respray

We are able to respray your existing kitchen or fitted bedroom furniture at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Affordable and effective we can spray most surfaces from wood to laminate, plastic to metal and guarantee a great looking, durable finish.

You can choose almost any colour and we also have a colour matching service available at an extra cost. 

All kitchen and bedroom doors, drawers and plinths are carefully removed and taken back to our workshop to be cleaned, repaired, and sanded before applying a primer coat. This is followed by fine sanding and finished off with spraying two top coats of lacquer mixed to any colour of your choice. Then all items are left to dry and cure before being returned and re-hung.

For the on-site work we lay down floor protection to all areas where the work is being carried out and mask all cabinet openings, work surfaces, splash backs and other sensitive areas where we will be spraying. Once masked, we deep clean, repair, sand then spray our industrial primer on all prepared surfaces. Once cured we then spray finish all surfaces with two coats of industrial pigmented lacquer. The final step is de-masking and a full clean down before returning to re-hang all door and drawers.

We are able to fill in existing handle holes & so you can change the style of handle on any item of furniture.

Non Fitted Furniture

We are able to respray almost all non fitted furniture items in a colour of your choice.

All items must be delivered and collected from our workshop in Macclesfield.

We deep clean, sand and carry out minor repairs before applying a primer coat. Once primed we apply 2 top coats of you colour choice, fine sanding in between.

All items are then left to fully cure before being covered in protective wrapping and collected.

We are able to fill in existing handle holes & so you can change the style of handle on any item of furniture.

Windows and Doors

We spray a large amount of external windows and doors for both commercial and public use.

We use up to a 6 step process that includes base coats containing fungacides, stain blockers, end-grain and v-joint sealing where necessary.

We are able to spray single and two-tone colour.

All newly made items must come to us fully prepped with all filler work complete. We also require all beading to be pre-cut to allow us to fully treat each surface.

Other Items

We are able to spray a variety of items and surfaces including glass splash backs, art installations and acoustic panels to name a few.

If you have an item that you would like to see sprayed please contact us and we will see what we can do.